All That One Must Know About Motor Accident Compensation

Usually, motorcycles are more prone to road traffic accidents as compares to cars. Many people think that the motorcyclists are reckless and ignore precautionary measures, before they ride their motorcycles and take them to the road. People are ignorant of the problems faced by riders on the road. That is why it becomes very difficult for people to get their motor accident compensation. It takes a lot of convincing to prove the court that the rider is not guilty.

Protect yourself to Avoid Accidents

‘Prevention is better than cure,’ they say! It is important to adopt preventive measures and safeguard oneself from motorcycle accidents, as these accidents can result in serious injuries, disability and even death. Motorcyclists hardly have any protection, except for a helmet, when they are on the road.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Motor accidents result from many reasons:

1- Defective Surface of the Road

One should always report about defective road surface, so that it the concerned authorities can repair it on time and no one else gets hurt. It is advisable to take photographs of the defects, before they repair the road or pavement. Sometimes, badly repaired roads also result in motorcycle accidents.

2- Faulty Equipment

Defects in the motorcycle also result in road traffic accidents. If the fault is due to manufacturer’s negligence, then one should make a claim for motor accident compensation. If the motorcycle accident is due to some defects them, the rider can get personal injury compensation, damages to the vehicle and recovery. According to the Consumer Protection Act, claimants have two years limitation for making mmotorcycle accident claims. Sometimes, the employer provides defective motorcycles to the employees to carry out work duties. If the fault in the motorcycle is, due to an employer, then the claimant can make work accident compensation claim against the employer. The claimants have three years to commence with motorcycle accident claims.

3- Collisions with other Vehicles

Vehicle collisions are very common cause of motorcycle accident. Collisions mostly result in major to fatal accidents.

4- Pedestrians

Most of the motorcycles accidents are caused when a pedestrian comes on the way and rider tries to save that person. This often leads to motorcyclist ending up with road traffic accident and injuries.

Increase chances of getting Maximum Motor Accident Compensation

Who do not want to get maximum compensation on motorcycle accident claims? Everyone likes to get what he or she deserves. Here are some tips that can help riders get motor accident compensation easily.

Keep Evidence Ready

Most of the motorcycle accident claims are rejected due to lack of proper evidence. It is important to keep all important documentations and proofs ready. Evidences may include:

  • Photographs of the vehicle, place of the accident, people who caused it and the witnesses
  • Medical reports and doctor’s prescriptions: Getting medical treatment is must to support police report and motor accident compensation claim.
  • Vehicle inspection report to give details of damages to the vehicle due to the accident
  • Witnesses present at the time and place of the accident. Their statements can be very useful for making the motor accident compensation case successful

Report the Accident to the Police

It is necessary to report the road traffic accident immediately to the police, even if they deny filing it. This will be helpful in proving the accident before the court.

Consult a Claim Management Company

It is essential to contact a Claim Management Company to provide free assessment of claim worth and provide free legal advice to the claimant. An experience and qualified specialist can make all accident claims successful.

First or less Motorcycle Accidents Claims

Regular motorcycle riders, with less or no motorcycle accident history, will have more chances of winning the motorcycle accident claims.

How much Motor Accident Compensation can one get?

Motor accident compensation is according to the nature of victim’s personal injuries and damages to the vehicle. Sometimes, claimants lose their precious items because of the accident. The cost of the lost or damaged possession, such as, mobile phone, laptop, wristwatch, helmet, sunglasses and spectacles, etc., will also be included in motor accident compensation amount.

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